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Dr. Suzanna Chen and ...

…I want to hear your story. 

I have been dedicated to helping individuals explore and overcome obstacles holding them back from reaching their full potential and enjoying life. I partner with them to help them achieve satisfaction and success in their lives. 

Following medical school, I undertook a psychiatry residency in New York City, where I dedicated myself to enhancing both my medical expertise and therapeutic skills. My training spanned a wide spectrum of therapeutic approaches, encompassing individual, family, couples, and group therapy, alongside comprehensive medication management. Throughout my residency, I engaged in quality improvement research projects, taught medical students, and also served as a chief resident. 

Recognizing the unique challenges women face, I pursued additional training in perinatal therapy and reproductive psychiatry through Postpartum Support International. I champion diverse life paths and values, providing unwavering support for women, including those who opt for a child-free and/or single lifestyle.

Given my passion for mental health and human rights I presented at the United Nations on a women’s mental health topic to push for more protection of women and better mental health treatment. I have also presented at numerous international psychiatric conferences, including in Italy, Spain, and Poland. Additionally, I have been interviewed for various articles and for a mini documentary. 

Today, as a Board-Certified MD psychiatrist, I own a private boutique practice, offering a blend of therapy and medication management.  I work in a holistic and collaborative way by choosing a treatment that is most beneficial at the time, whether that is talk therapy only or a combination of talk therapy, medication, supplements, lifestyle coaching, and other strategies tailored to individual needs. 

Being a 1.5 generation immigrant within a multicultural family, I hold a deep passion for offering culturally sensitive care to individuals hailing from diverse cultural, ethnic, and racial backgrounds, as well as those navigating multicultural relationships. At times, my work involves delving into and healing transgenerational traumas, while also identifying and harnessing transgenerational strengths. It can also involve finding tactful ways to navigate relationships with first generation parents.

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